II Corps (Second Corps) is an Equal Opportunity Employer… THE PLACE FOR YOU!

“II Corps is a terrific company that has a great institutional and working culture. We work on important programs and initiatives that are relevant to advancing warfighting capabilities. If you are looking for a challenge and home after military or naval service; II Corps is the place for you.”

“I desired to be part of a reputable, professional and hardworking team that provides a rewarding and meaningful service to the nation, while still upholding the ideals and qualities of the Marine Corps. I found that the II Corps team continuously exhibits these traits while remaining dedicated to service and committed to its employees. II Corps maintains a quality driven, mission focus attitude, and thoroughly understands what really is important…”

“After years of searching for a niche after the Marine Corps, I found a home with II Corps. They take care of the people within the company, and are passionate about the work and the customers they serve. I could not ask for a more professionally challenging environment, and personally enriching team to work with.”